Monday 20th August 2012 – “Can I help you?”

My kids don’t usually ask if they can help me do things in the garden, but this morning George, aged 10 wanted to help. I wasn’t going to turn down this offer even if it lasted for 5 minutes. So I asked him to get some pots from the cupboard as we needed to see what needed picking in the greenhouse. He was very helpful. Firstly we found some tomatoes that were ripe, there are loads growing, and some others are starting to turn. He got very excited about the rather large one that is growing so when that’s ready I think it’s got his name on it. We then found various chillies. He was curious to know which ones were the hottest, so I told him to steer clear of the small ones. We picked enough french beans for all of us to have with dinner, and some blackberries. “I only ate 4!” he told me, which is much better from when he was about 2 or 3 and he hid behind a bush next to the blackberry, and when I called his name he popped his head out and his mouth was all purple. “Have you been eating the blackberries?” I asked. “No” was his reply. He then disappeared and proceded to eat more. I don’t think I managed to pick any that year.

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6 Responses to Monday 20th August 2012 – “Can I help you?”

  1. Michele says:

    Hi Claire that is super that he has helped and munched along the way! My son is 18 and I seriously do not know what I would have done without his help on my plot – he has hauled numerous containers of free compost – enough for me to significantly raise my beds!

    • They’re great when they help, as long as they keep focused on what they’re supposed to be doing, and not drift off and do something else. What a fantastic son you have. As long as they get a reward at the end of it, they’re happy.

  2. vivi12blog says:

    Hi Claire,

    That’s funny!! I know what you need about getting the kids to help with the garden.

    My carrots this year have not done as good as others. This year my poor carrots got blite on their leaves and most the leaves turned brown and died. However, the carrots in the ground are still growing. I used a fungicide to kill the blite and it seem to slow it down a bit. The fungicide bottle says not to harvest for 30 days, so I’ll pick them next week. By the way, could I still harvest my carrots even if they got leaf blite?


    • Hi Vivi,
      Yes you can, but you may have to cut out any bad bits on the carrots. It they are infected it’s best to pick when they’re small rather than wait until they’re bigger and loose them all to disease. Make sure you give them a good thorough wash before you eat them.

  3. crystal says:

    perhaps it is a family thing and just as you got “the gardening bug” from your grandfather he will also be bitten and you will be sharing your little plot with him… and soon he will be making the papers, hehe

    • Maybe he will. But then the thinks about playing light sabres with his friends and climbing the tree, and he’s off. At least they all appreciate the food I grow and eat it. That’s all I ask really.

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