Wednesday 4th July 2012

I decided that going to the allotment today wasn’t a good idea as I had my 10K Race for life walk to to, so instead I stayed at home and vacuumed and washed all the floors. However, I still had more than enough energy for my walk this evening.

Hot and sweaty after my little walk

It was very emotional, and there were loads of ladies there. The kids and I met Mark up at Clapham Common, where I joined a massive queue for the toilet, then it was time to plug my ipod in and march off. As we came up to just before the 5K junction, those of us who were doing the 10K turned right and followed a different path. When this happened it became quite lonely. There weren’t many of us attempting the 10K, so my ipod was good company. Every time you came up to the next KM they let you know with big boards. It was great to see the number go past and then finally there was the elusive “500m to go”. I got so excited that I decided to have a little run. It didn’t last long only about 100m or so as my legs were starting to get very stiff. I then returned to my walking pace until I can to the metal barriers to show you that you only had about 100 m to go. I then ran the rest of the way. I wanted to do the 10K in 1 hour 30 to 1 hour 45, but I managed to do it in an amazing 1 hour 24minutes. That’s 1 KM every 8 minutes. I’m really chuffed with that and amazed and so far I’ve managed to raise £192. So thank you very much everyone for all your kind words and sponsorship. Here’s looking for the next challenge.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 4th July 2012

  1. crystal says:

    well done!

  2. Larry says:

    Congratulations! Hope all the aches and pains work themselves out.

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