Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Yet again the weather was overcast and rainy, so no going up the allotment again today. However, I managed to get some climbing french beans planted in a pot in the garden. Firstly I had to drill some drainage holes in the bottom of the pot, so I went and got the “manly tool” from the loft (yes I know how to use a drill). After the holes were drilled I filled it with soil/compost and found 3 long stick and attached them to the fence. I then had the delicate operation of untangling the beans. They’ve grown very well in the greenhouse, and decided to make out with various plants including the tomatoes and chillies. I managed to separate them, and planted them in the pot. Hopefully they’ll grow well and I’ll have some lovely beans growing soon, that is if the cloud go and the sun can shine again! We live in hope.

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