Wednesday 20th June 2012

It’s the longest day of the year today, so all down hill from now on (not really, but the days now start to get gradually shorter). It really felt like summer to, lovely and sunny, and really warm, so I had to wear my shorts again! I had a brilliant time on the allotment this morning. I managed to get in all my leeks. I did have a few left, but no where to plant them, so I’ll give them to the school and the gardening club can plant them. They’ll look lovely amongst the flowers. I also strimmed more and weeded another bed. I found my horseradish and globe artichokes as they’d been taken over by the grass. I think that was about all. I’ll see if I can get into the garden later to sort out a few more hanging baskets. TTFN.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 20th June 2012

  1. paul says:

    HI Claire, its been nice and sunny warm here , my sultana climbing french beans have got a spurt on, my hanging basket tumbling toms also good
    after fleecing my beetroot they have come back to life
    well i picked my first cougette today grown in a pot, so happy with that stir fry i think
    well its batten down the hatches tonight so i have cloched my french beans and swiss chard.

    • I hope everything was ok. We’ve had a lovely day today, very humid, but at least it’s been dry. Another good day tomorrow, but then getting hot and very humid so showers will develop in the afternoon. I hope you enjoyed your first courgette.

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