Friday 25th May 2012

Nearly in June so the tender plants like tomatoes, courgettes and beans can go out soon. Another hot day, but at least we had a breeze today which made it feel cooler. I made a little film today down the allotment, as well as 2 yesterday. Hopefully Mark will be able to sort those out this weekend. I managed to finish weeding another bed. I feel like I’m making progress with the weeding. I also planted my onion seedlings and planted a few more cabbages. We’ve got lots of cabbages to last us through the winter, I know the kids love sautéed cabbage Mark isn’t too keen on it. This weekend I’ll spend in the garden giving that a tidy and several trips in the greenhouse will be needed. Just the perfect way to spend the weekend. May do a BBQ on Sunday.

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2 Responses to Friday 25th May 2012

  1. Robb Sinn says:

    Brilliant! I just discovered your blog and videos on YouTube, learning a bunch. Please keep posting as it helps us new gardeners so much to actually see how the plants should look as you transplant, prune, etc. Thanks!!

    • I’m glad you find the videos and blogs useful. I’m glad my ramblings are helpful. I’ll blog every time I go to the allotment, sonas long as the rain holds off they’ll be quite a few.

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