Thursday 24th May 2012

Another beautifully sunny day. Slightly hotter than yesterday. I managed 2 hours on the allotment this morning and I managed to plant more cabbage and some leeks. As well as strimming more and weeding loads. There weren’t many people on site this morning, not really the most sensible time to go, but as that’s the only time I have free I’ve got no choice. Sun cream is essential, but when you strim some bits always fly up and stick to you. I’ve got sock dirt marks, lovely dirty knees, dirt on my shoulders and on my face. Don’t ask, I don’t know how it got there.

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4 Responses to Thursday 24th May 2012

  1. Wanda Stefan says:

    Hi Claire! You get a lot done in two hours! Yesterday it took me a full 8+ hour day to weed and put in some raised starter plants, and each these 2 patches are only 20 X 22 feet. I think it’s interesting that the UK allotments are yours year round, here in the mid-Atlantic, Maryland, in the US, Parks and Recreation government offices will only let you have them from April until late October. — So no perennial crops, berry bushes or anything like that. Right now I’m trying to raise a raspberry bush in a container in my little yard, haha.
    Take care, your videos are very helpful.

    • I’m plugged in to my ipod, and I think that helps me work faster. I do work freakishly fast, and get very dirty in the process. It’s great to have the plot all year round as you can grow brassicas and other vegetable that you harvest all the way from October to February. You’re unable to do that, and you can’t even have a shed or compost heap. Your way does seem rather bizarre to me, as you don’t know what the previous person put in the soil. No fruit bushes, strawberries or rhubarb, I don’t think I could cope without those.
      Have a great season.

  2. Wanda Stefan says:

    Hi Claire, just want to say I should have prefaced all that with — I’d be nice if I COULD work as fast as you do! — Your allotments there in the UK are huge compared to community plots here,
    yours always look great, and you always seem to be able to “keep up” up with them.
    But, I’m “OLD” hehe, (59yo). And, with most of my 2 patches empty, needing weeding, and everything needing to go in now, it took that long. So I need a better system of gardening. 🙂
    My comment was not meant as an affront, or anything like that, so please excuse the tone of it. I’m not a very good writer.
    Maryland USA

    • I’m not always able to keep up with my plot, in fact this year has been a struggle for most of us because of the weather. There are patches of mine at the moment that I don’t really like to look at.
      You’re not old, my parents are slightly older than you and they’re still young. You’re as old as you feel, and sometimes I admit I feel in my 80’s.
      Keep going with it as it’s always worth it in the end.
      All the best,

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