Monday 21st May 2012

This week promises to be warm and sunny, but not much sign of that today. It was dry, but cloudy this morning. As I type this the sun is just appearing. I popped to the allotment this morning for a couple of hours and did the obligatory weeding and strimming. I also planted some more sprouting broccoli and some cabbage. I’ve sorted out all the frames I need to put over the brassicas, but I need to buy more netting. As I was weeding the bed that I put the red onions in last year I found some? Back in April last year when I planted them it was so hot and dry that they didn’t grow at all and I thought they’d all died, but they were sitting just below the surface. However, even though they’ve been in for 1 year, they’re the same size as when I first put them in. I don’t understand that, but there you go. I hope this years ones do better. Tomorrow is supposed to be 25 degrees, wow! so I’ll be down in the afternoon.

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6 Responses to Monday 21st May 2012

  1. jeanraff says:

    Wow your planting broccoli and cabbage, we did ours in September last year and still picking them today,isn’t it funny how different countries do things
    Pick up the good work and I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos
    Jean (Italy)

    • The sprouting broccoli I should be harvest from September through to March, and the cabbage about the same. It fascinated me too on the different times planting happens in other countries.

  2. nerdmom says:

    Or different parts of a country. In my area, which is just shy of “The South” we are planting corn, beans, and squash and tomato plants have already been in for two weeks. Brassicas are either in or we’ll have to wait for the fall. That is how all my onions grow by the way. I plant them in the fall and wait for spring. It’s so hot here I can barely get lettuce sprouts in the shade.

    • Wow, it sounds very hot where you are. It amazes me when I hear about planting in Australia, as they’re the opposite to the UK. When we harvest, they’re sowing and visa versa.

  3. Irene from Greece, Piraeus says:

    Hi Claire. What a nice surprise! The onions were waiting, from last spring, alive!! If you water them enough, they maybe sprout and give you beautiful red onions, this time. I had plants of sprouting broccoli planted, last September and they gave me a good crop. But this variety, my cousin brought me from Rome, was quite a bitter and I won’t plant it again. I am thinking this August – Septemper, plant Romanesco broccolis and broccolis Calabrese.

    • The red onions had been in a year, and hadn’t done anything, so I doubt if they’ll grow any bigger. Some had gone rotten. I love sprouting broccoli, you can harvest it for months. I like the purple one, but be warned the water turns purple when you boil it.

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