Saturday 19th May 2012

I very rarely go to the allotment at the weekend, and it’s lovely to see the weekend gardeners. What a lovely day it is, the sun is shining and no jumper was needed. I strimmed more grass, weeded a load more and planted quite a few sprouting broccoli plants. I love sprouting broccoli it makes a lovely change from the larger stuff you get in the shops and you can harvest it from autumn through to spring. After I planted them I watered them in and then put a few pellets around them to protect from the slugs, then covered with a frame and netting to protect from the birds. Home then for lunch and watching recorded programmes of Pointless….I got a pointless answer I was very chuffed.

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2 Responses to Saturday 19th May 2012

  1. Julie Drake says:

    Hi Claire, glad you enjoyed the allotment visit, here in Leicestershire it was a raw cold day 9c and felt like mid winter.

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