Sunday 22nd January 2012

Well, the fence panels are back in place, they needed a screw here and there. They’ve been in for nearly 10 years, so they’re looking a bit worse for ware now. This afternoon I started sowing seeds. I’ve only sown a few (not much to sow in January really). I’ve sown some cauliflowers, aubergines and some extra curled cress!! Can’t wait to see how extra curled it really is. I also need to get the broad beans in, so I must get down the allotment this week. Got to take the kango and transformer back tomorrow morning, so I’ll have to venture into a builder’s world.

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6 Responses to Sunday 22nd January 2012

  1. Abeika(EarthyPlum) says:

    The days are going by so fast, soon you’ll have lots to do in the garden. Here we’ve had crazy weather. What happen to winter? Yesterday, we had tornados throughout the state of georgia(USA). Reminding me of the soon to be hot, humid summers of Georgia. Can’t wait to see more from your allotment.

    • Our winter has been very mild too. The last 2 were very cold and we had loads of snow, but so far no sign of any. A tornado in January? That’s very unusual! Hopefully we’ll have a long warm summer, that would be lovely, as we’ve not had a decent one for about 5 years now.

  2. Larry says:

    Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Just one question from across the pond. What is a kano and why does it need a transformer? I ask because I spent several years in construction over here and never ran across that term before. Thanks. Larry

  3. Hi Larry,
    A kango is an electric hand drill. They’re about 2ft high. We use them to break up concrete. It’s a bit like a pneumatic drill, but smaller and not so loud. You need a transformer to plug the kango in to, because its too powerful to plug straight into your house socket. It would blow up the hole electrics if you did.
    I hope that helps,

  4. Irene says:

    Hi Claire! I am Irene from Greece, Pireaus. I am an urban gardener too, but on my terrace. I ‘ve been watching all your videos and i like them very. We have a different climate, but your advices are helpful. When i cut every vegetable i ‘ve cultivated, i feel very happy, and i thank God and earth, giving me such a joy. I am waiting for a new video.

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