Monday 19th September 2011

Popped to the allotment this morning for more weeding and strimming. It was a lovely morning with the sun shining.
I managed to weed another bed, and nearly finish another one. I’ve taken all my Baby Sweetcorn plants out, as they’d finished a long time ago. I also harvest a few more Squash and Pumpkins, and yes I found more rogue Potatoes. I’ve now put all the Potatoes in a plastic tray with holes in, so the mud on the outside should dry and then I can store them in the shed. The mornings are definitely getting cooler. Brrr!

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6 Responses to Monday 19th September 2011

  1. fern says:

    can u give me any suggestions as what is the best things to grow this time of year

    • I all goes a bit quite now. You can sow lettuce leaves, coriander and parsley, which can all be grown in pots on the window sill. If it’s sunny during the day, the posts can be placed outside.
      Wait until October, and then you can start your Garlic, and Broad Beans. They won’t do much over the winter, but when they pop through in the Spring, they’ll be more sturdy.

  2. Hi Claire, Have had computer and cable problems as well as the flu but hopefully am back on deck and looking forward to going back and reading your previous entries. So true about the garlic and broad beans. Spring is here and they are lovely and sturdy after me putting them in Autumn.

    • I hope that you’re feeling much better. I can’t remember the last time I had flu. Horrible virus it is. Keep drinking and eat what you crave. Your body will let you know what you need. Usually the first thing I like to eat is oven chips with lots of salt on. I’ll need to get my Broad Beans in soon. Take care.

  3. David Hyams says:

    I have also been digging up rogue potatoes all over the vegetable patches. Seemingly, if you have a crop one year, you seem to miss the tiny ones and you can get them seeding and growing for years afterwards. Up here in the Shetland Islands, I have had really good potato crops on extremely poor soil with 2 varieties this year. I had to add plenty of “muck” (Shetland pony muck, actually) but the Bonnie (second early) and Harmony (main crop) both produced really good-sized tubers with many of the size you would use for wedges and jacket baking potatoes. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
    By the way, as a reminder for when you get your seeds for next year, don’t forget to add a packet of the vegetable spaghetti seeds I mentioned to you earlier this year. Grown just like butternut squash, they are really something unusual but I am confident that you will love them. I can’t grow them outside up here and they take up too much space in my tunnel but, down south on my allotments before I moved here, I always had them growing well for me. The crop is also a good keeper indoors for some months afterwards; always a bonus.

    • I popped to my shed this afternoon to bring in some more potatoes for dinner, and I’ve only got a few left. I might have to buy some soon!! The shame!! Gosh it must be cold where you are. I’ve got a cousin living just outside Glasgow, and they were hit really badly with the snow, and then again with the recent storms. Shetland pony manure sounds great, store as much as you can. I’ll have to try Harmony potatoes one year. I remember seeing them in the potato brochure. I’ve ordered vegetable spaghetti from Victoriana Nursery Gardens, I’m just waiting for it to arrive.

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