Fairy light chillies

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4 Responses to Fairy light chillies

  1. nicola pendry says:

    Hi Claire. Are chilli plants annual plants or will they fruit again next year. I am planting raspberry bushes on my allotment so hopefully lots next year…. Nicola

    • Chilli plants don’t like the cold, so if you have one in the greenhouse, then bring it inside and see how long it keeps going. I may try that this year, especially the Fairy light ones, as I think they’ll brighten the kitchen up. If they get cold, they’ll die. The ones that I’ve had are generally annual plants.
      Make sure you give the raspberries a good water whilst they settle in the soil, you’ll get a few the first year, but subsequent years you’ll get loads.

  2. Mark Duell says:


    You can buy the seeds from http://www.seaspringseeds.co.uk/


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