Sunday 31st July 2011

What a beautiful day we’ve had today, I spent this morning up the allotment, tackling weeds, and harvesting various bits and pieces. I brought home with me, Onions, Kohl Rabi, Carrots, Baby Sweetcorn, Garlic, various selection of Courgettes and Squashes, Broccoli, Purple Beans, Mangetout, Beetroot, 1 rouge Potato and 1 small Tomato. We had the Purple Beans, Carrots and an Onion with dinner. The Purple Beans loose most of their colour when cooked, but tasted lovely all the same. Then there was the obligatory weeding and strimming. I have taken a photo of my goodies, so if I’ve done it correctly, then you can see it.

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5 Responses to Sunday 31st July 2011

  1. Nicola Pendry says:

    Hi Claire, I have been following you on YT for months and enjoy every minute!!! I have had an allotment for 18 mths and we are having a produce show in August. Any tips on cucumbers, i have entered the longest, straightest cucumber category, I have covered it with a tube of plastic to keep it straight but what about growing it to its greatest potential. My family think Ive lost the plot when I go round looking for things to keep cucumbers straight!!! However I hope you will understand lol

  2. Just watched your video “Onions ready already” – very interesting as mine have suddenly flopped (end of July) and I’ve just visited an allotment where onions were drying outdoors in the weekend sunshine. Good to know that lack of water may be the cause of flat onions; last year mine were all minaret shaped and I wondered whether they’d had enough water. This year they’ve had plenty to drink between my efforts and mother nature’s help and they look lovely and round so your theory holds!

    • The plants will definitely get a good drink today as we’ve had loads of rain this morning. Some of the Onions that I picked were lovely and round, I haven’t picked them all yet, so I’m not sure if it’s just a few that have grown this way. They are really early this year, along with many other bits, like Blackberries which have been ready for about 2 weeks, which shouldn’t be ready until September.

  3. Crystal says:

    Now there is a nice tableful of bounty! Reaping the rewards of your efforts , literally. And most gardeners feel a bit of melancholly at harvest time as winter can’t be far behind and the long wait to start it all over again. 🙂

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