Monday 4th July 2011

Popped to the allotment this afternoon, and phew! Another hot day, very muggy also, which didn’t help. After picking more Mangetout, and nibbling a Pea I spent the rest of the afternoon weeding a bed, then watering the de-weeded bed. Must get the strimmer to the allotment again, as the grass is getting a little on the long side. I keep forgetting to take it. Everything is looking really good and growing well. Some of my Onions are huge, but they’re not ready yet. I’ll try to remember to show you when I harvest them.

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4 Responses to Monday 4th July 2011

  1. Sounds awesome. No luck here with my onions.

  2. Crystal says:

    When summer REALLY gets going it seems the plants grow so fast you don’t need time lapse photography to watch ( and the weeds are even faster) However , it seems that this summer in Oregon has yet to show up. I surely hope that that suggests a long warm autumn.. we are owed!

    • After the rain the plants grow very fast, including the weeds also. It’s been difficult to keep on top of the weeds this year. Everyone seems to be having that problem. Still mustn’t complain, it keeps me out of mischief. I hope your Summer appears very soon.

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