Friday 1st July 2011

Today is a mixed day is celebration and sadness. Happy birthday to my Uncle David (my Mum’s baby brother) and also in 1987 Granddad died (my Mum’s Dad). Gosh has it been that long ago. I was 13 years old!
Anyway, back to gardening after all it was my Granddad who got me interested in gardening. I popped to the allotment this morning and had a weed and harvested some more Potatoes, Mangetout, Radish, and Spring onions. Everything is growing very well, the Squashes and Pumpkins are starting to take shape, so hopefully I’ll get a rather large Pumpkin this year. I also did some filming for Claire’s Allotment, so hopefully Mark can get those sorted this weekend. Have a great weekend…oh and we did manage our BBQ.

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2 Responses to Friday 1st July 2011

  1. What a great living testament/monument your allotment and videos are to your grandfather. Then all that others take away with them and use themselves and pass on is a continuation of that memory. Well done Claire and thank you.

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