Wednesday 30th March 2011

Did more filming today with Sean. The sun started to shine, but then the rain decided to come and play. Some of what we filmed will be on this Sunday’s programme, but the rest will be on future ones. The weekend is supposed to be dry. I need to mow my grass! Just a quick reminder to Fathers’ don’t forget that it’s Mothers’ day this Sunday. Breakfast in bed would be lovely, or at least a cup of tea. I plan to spend the day in the garden and greenhouse.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 30th March 2011

  1. andy cook says:

    oh, claire congratulations on your show. im so sorry tho ill have to watch it on iplayer. daughters got a football final in the morning. i cant wait to see it tho. i had my allottment at the back end of last season.its brilliant i love it. i only put potatoes in cause i was told it breaks up the soil well .ive got so much to learn and your videos are fantastic. theyre teaching me so much. i put my onions and carrotts in last week. this week. my broad beans and peas. which i started off in my greenhouse. funny enough its the same as oh, my put my earlies in 3 weeks ago. colli,s are about an inch tall. so ill be able to prick them out soon. god i could type all night but then i dont want to bore thankyou so much claire. x

    • Hi there,
      I hope they won at football, and that her kit isn’t too dirty. As a family we watch the programme later, as I’ve got bell ringing on a Sunday morning which clashes with the programme, but the Sky box records it for us. Potatoes are the best thing to plant first of all. It doesn’t matter how tough the soil is they’ll break it up beautifully. You seem to be getting along fantastically so far, if you’ve got any questions just ask. The greenhouse is fab isn’t it! I love it, why didn’t I get one sooner? Oh yes, the kids were too young that’s why. You seem to have the same amount of enthusiasm as I do. I could talk for England on the subject. Have a great season.

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