Monday 21st March 2011

What a lovely way to spend my birthday. It’s a beautiful day today, blue sky with a little cloud, perfect for going to the allotment. I was down there for nearly 3 hours this morning. Would have spent longer there, but I got very hungry. I’ve planted all my seed potatoes, and in the process managed to break my long handled bulb planter. I sowed a few more Radish, all my Parsnips and all my Spring Onions. Whilst digging over the soil to plant some potatoes I found 4 more Parsnips from last year that I missed, so they’ve come home and I expect George and I’ll have them this Sunday with the roast. Apparently the rest of the week is supposed to be lovely as well, so I’ll be there again to finish off what I couldn’t get done today.

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9 Responses to Monday 21st March 2011

  1. Margaret Morgan Silbernagel says:

    Happy Birthday, Claire. Hope you have a great day!!!!

    Prepared my asparagus bed this morning! Am going to plant two years old plants, when they come in. I am very excited!

    Looking forward to your next video!

  2. orchardmummy says:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely day.

  3. Sounds like a perfect birth day to me! Happy Birthday Claire!

  4. mrs barbara neill says:

    Hi claire, I really enjoy your videos I’m a first time gardener and find you easy to follow. Watched the horticultural show looking forward to the next one your a natural, a real pleasure to listen to. Thank you. From Babs.

  5. The Garden Smallholder says:

    It’s great to find a few parsnips lurking in the ground! The weather is gorgeous at the moment. Happy Birthday!

  6. Angela Diaz says:

    Happy B-Day Claire. We celebrated the first day of Spring this past weekend by grilling some burgers outside. It was great. I also decided to watch all of your videos beginning from part one all the way through to your most recent one. Wow you did a lot of videos. I have a plot here in the United States also. Well, they’re not called allotments, they are called garden plots. There are a few hundred of them in our large central park. I have a 20 x 20 foot plot and I pay 20 dollars (about 12.3 pounds for the season which is from April 15th-October 31st. I wish we could just have our plot for the whole year. It limits me to what I can do sometimes.

    • My birthday seems such a long time ago, Summer is supposed to be with us now, but you could have fooled me! The sun doesn’t seem to want to stay for long, and the temperature is not what I’d call Summer. Thank you very much for watching all my videos in order, it must have take you hours. I’ve heard about your community gardens, but it means that you can’t grow the likes of Rhubarb, Artichokes, and anything that stays in the ground. You can’t even grow Parsnips! I love those, couldn’t live without them. At least you’re able to grow something though, which is better than nothing at all. I hope that you’re having a great season.

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