Monday 6th December 2010

Well I’ve just used my last onion! They didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, I’ll have to grow more next year. I suppose I’ll have to buy some now. Can’t go without my onions. My potatoes have nearly all gone as well. I’ve only got a few small ones left. I was going to go down the allotment and dig up the Jerusalem artichokes last week, but it decided to snow instead. I know I go down in most weathers, but 8 inches of snow is going a bit too far don’t you think? Anyway, it’s nearly all gone now, just some ice left, so hopefully I’ll be there this week. Must remember to wrap up warm though, it reached the dizzy heights of -1 today.

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8 Responses to Monday 6th December 2010

  1. Hi Claire,
    No onions????? Oh No! lol. I tried a few this year and they seem to be growing ok. I forgot what they were. At the moment a lot of my stuff is all over the place aka Jackie French. Running out of gardens, Claire…..dug up (well no tilled it up) half the lawn (and the lawn was small to begin with) seeing as how the potato peelings I put down to help break up the clay all decided to go crazy and grow. I’ve never eaten a Jerusalem Artichoke. Do you do your own spores for mushrooms? must go back and check your vids. Snow…wow….would love some snow in this heat….oops no I wouldnt I might lose those tomatoes and cucumbers my SON has got growing. Happy digging.

    • Panic over for a while as I’ve dug up my leeks, so I’ll use those instead of onions. You’ve been very busy I hope you have a great harvest. Jerusalem Artichokes are lovely, best to roast them though. When I grow mushrooms I buy spores, but you can buy kits which are very helpful. All the snow has gone, but it’s still a little chilly, hopefully Spring’s not far away. Let’s hope you son carries on, I’m sure he’ll enjoy harvesting. Happy gardening.

  2. Scott Mills says:

    I thought you were like the postman, neither rain nor sleet nor snow shall keep Claire from her allotment.
    I know you probably hear this often ,but I love your videos.It is very motivating to see someone who really loves what they are doing,so thank you ! -Scott- U.S.A.

    • Well sometimes I’ll give it a miss if I’ve got nothing pressing to do down there. I was there this week, but it was very muddy. My wellies are doing their job though, but have to stay in the car as they are very dirty. Glad you find the videos useful. Have fun this year.

  3. sharen says:

    Hi Claire
    i have some things growing in doors as well, the thing i have growing out doors are not doing as good as i hoped but they are still growing. it’s winter now in nyc but no snow yet. months seem to go by so fast spring will be here in no time. Take care, Later.

    • Spring isn’t far away thank goodness. I can’t wait for it to warm up. Everything seems to slow down over winter, but if they survive the winter then they’ll grow really well the following year.
      All the best,

  4. Angie says:

    Hi Claire! I was wondering how you were getting on and decided to hunt down your blog again. Yes I have heard you all have really gotten some cold weather. I heard from one youtuber up in Ireland that the snow is very deep and unusual for Ireland this year. So far in Arkansas, USA we have gotten some mildly cold weather but no snow or ice yet. But its been plenty cold enough to turn up the heaters or throw another log on the fire. Can’t wait til springtime again..still growing veggies a bell pepper about size of small apple in a cup in my window sill..wondering how big it will get. Also got jalapenos out of styrofoam cups doing well..amazing! Merry Christmas to you & family! …Angie

    • Hi Angie,
      Yes the ground is still frozen. I’ve still got veggies in that I can’t dig out yet. The snow where we are got to 8 inches and they closed the schools for 2 days because no one could get there. The first lot of deep snow went and then we got a second load, which is still about and has turned to ice now, so walking about is very dangerous.
      Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2011.

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