Sunday 17th October 2010

Rather a chilly start this morning, but after bell ringing I had a hot date with a trailer full of manure. I met a friend Clair at the stables and we drove to the allotment and together with a shovel each emptied the manure onto one of the empty bed on my plot. Thank you so very much Clair and Seymour who owns the stables for helping me this morning it was very much appreciated. Hopefully there’s enough manure for most of the empty beds. I may have to take the car to get some more, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. At least my car doesn’t smell. I’ll give you 1 guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Sunday 17th October 2010

  1. LOL Claire,
    Good for you to get manure and help doing it. It is times like those I really miss not having a car. Most of the seeds and plants are in for this growing season. It is still a little cool at night here in Tassie so not a lot has started to show yet. I have been picking heaps of snowpeas and spinach but have completely forgotten to get photos. The snowpeas never make it much past the garden anyway. The Silverbeet is doing well, Potatoes coming along, broad beans putting out beans now, the raspberries are sending shoots out everywhere and the bees are swarming around the lavender. They sure do love that stuff.

    • Sounds like you’re having a fantastic season already. Makes me wish that Spring was here for us too. It’s started to get very cold here these past few nights, about 4 or 5 degrees. No sign of frost yet, but it won’t be long.

  2. Helen says:

    Please can you email me. I’d be very keen to contact you regarding your blog.

  3. ummSuhayb says:

    Hi Claire, I’ve just recently discovered your youtube vids, really helpful, better than books and TV shows. I only got my allotment end of April this year so not much happened as I wasn’t expecting to get one so quickly and hadnt prepared (apart from loads of lettuces!) and my tomatoes did well, until it rained most of August and most of them went strange- then I saw your vid about tomato blight- and realised it must have been that. Then I realised my compost heap must be infected as I’d put the old tomatoes/ plants on there. I am a bit disappointed about that as it steaming away nicely- but it’ll have to go in the skip the council provides, you live and learn! What do you think I should do with the patch the tomatoes were in, will that cause future problems for any other crops? I was thinking of planting brussel sprouts there next season…

    • Hi there,
      Glad you’ve got an allotment, and are finding my vids useful. Take the tomatoes off the compost heap and either burn or take down the tip. Next year you can plant whatever you like in the places where the tomatoes were this year, except potatoes. These 2 both get blight so should never be grown near each other (minimum 4ft away from each other). And always leave a year in between before planting the other 1 in the same spot.
      Have fun,

  4. ummSuhayb says:

    thanks for that Claire. Another thing, I’m having trouble finding suitable manure- there are many stables around but they only have FRESH horse manure. They send it off in skips somewhere. Is there anything I can use the fresh stuff for/ do with it to become useful?

    • If all you can get is fresh manure then get a load. What you mustn’t do is put it on your plants. Pile the manure up and cover with a plastic sheet. Check after about 6 months and if it’s dark brown then you can put it on in Autumn. If it’s not quite fermented then re-cover and leave for another 3 months. Don’t put it on the plants and soil until well rotted as it contains bugs that will get into the soil and damage the plants.

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