Thursday 23rd September 2010

Popped down the allotment after school with George so he could start his project on “Habitat”. We spent about 40 minutes on the plot looking in various areas for insects and minibeasts. I lifted the carpet on one of the compost heaps and there was a huge spider hiding there. George was a bit shocked, so we covered it up again. He’s started by collecting some old branches and arranged them in a pile to make a home for mainly woodlouse. We’ll look just before his project needs to be handed in to see what has taken up residence. He also planted some nasturtium seeds, they may start to sprout, otherwise they’ll sprout in the Spring. He had great fun, got very dirty, and can’t wait to go again next week. That’s my boy.

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6 Responses to Thursday 23rd September 2010

  1. He had great fun, got very dirty, and can’t wait to go again next week. That’s my boy.

    That’s your boy! Love the image.

    • Boys are supposed to get dirty and wet, it’s all part of being a boy. That’s what proper boys do anyway. That’s what I think anyway. They can have a bath and the messy clothes go in the washing machine. My daughter sat in a muddy puddle and covered herself in mud when she was 18 months old. The only clothes she was wearing at the time was a fabric nappy and plastic pants. She had a great time.

      • Larry says:

        We are coming full circle. Scientists have determined that people who live in an ultra clean environment have more illness than the average person. An old country saying, here in the U. S. is : ” You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die”. As a farmer, soldier, steel worker and carpenter, I’ve ingested quite a bit. But I’m still around.

  2. If you live in such a clean environment your body can’t cope with any bug it comes in contact with. In our house none of us are ill very often, once every 2 years do we get a cold. That doesn’t stop any of us though. This is why I let my kids go out and play. I’m sure you’ve breathed it many substances that are now banned. All this health and safety. I dread to think what the miners in Chile have breathed in over the last few months.

    • Richard says:

      I agree a bit of dirt never harmed me. I used to play near a river in wales when I was a young boy and a few of us friends used to climb into a drainage pipe and eat our sandwiches in there we thought it was great fun . Last time I went to the place there was a big wire mush with a padlock on the end. I remember one of my friends finding an old paint tin in the river, it was a hot day and he scooped some river water out of it and drank from it..he is still here with
      I have what I call ‘a steelworks canteen’ constitution after working there for many years and I am rarely off ill.

      • Kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. I let mine climb trees and play outside all the time. They don’t care if it’s raining. Sounds like you had so much fun by the river, I’m sure there’s some health and safety rule that says “No they can’t have fun anymore”. When we had all that snow in January they were in and out, getting cold then warming up. they went through so many sets of clothes I thought they’d run out. But most importantly they enjoyed themselves.

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