Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Noticed last night that I’d been bitten by a red ant on my left knee. I never felt it, but I think it got in through the hole of my trouser leg and had a feast whilst it was there. It’s still swollen and is starting to itch now. Popped to the allotment this morning and weeded more. I had to walk there today as Mark had the car, well it is his, so he should drive it every so often. I had to wear the wellies that I keep in the shed on the plot. They’re very old I think I got them when I was about 15 years old. They’re green and have hardly any grips on them. They’re my spare pair and do the job very well, but I had to clear out stuff that snails had left behind and check that there were no spiders in there before I put my foot in. I’ve weeded at least three quarters of the beds, so I’m feeling like I’m back on top of it again.

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7 Responses to Wednesday 22nd September 2010

  1. orchardmummy says:

    Hi Claire. I have just been sent a link on my facebook page for a new tv channel starting in Spring called Horticultural tv on sky. I clicked on the link and there is a facebook page for it, on which they are asking for amateur presenters to present pieces about gardening and I immediately thought of you! I don’t know how to make ‘links’ for you to follow but maybe if you googled it you would come across the page. (I recieved the link via ‘The edidle Gardener’ facebook page’). Just thought you might be interested and it would be great to see your films on the big(ger) screen!


  2. Abi says:

    I hate putting my feet into wellies because of the spiders, etc. especially as you are more likely to keep your wellies in perfect spider dwelling places. I keep meaning to make myself some elasticated welly covers – maybe that would be a good thing to market to garden centres.

    • I’ve got 3 pairs of wellies. My pink ones in the car, green ones at the allotment and sponge bob square pants ones in the shed at home. That way if Mark’s using the car I’ve always got a pair of wellies somewhere. The green ones I wore the other day, I gave a really good shake to before I put my foot in. I stepped in a welly once when I was young and got stung on the sole of my foot by a bee. Very painful.

  3. frazzledsugarplummum says:

    That weeding is never ending… Do you have many poisonous spiders in the UK? I always have to check my boots here. Planting and sowing at the moment and hopeing for a decent harvest later in the year.

    • No we don’t have any poisonous spiders here thanks goodness. The wolf or house spiders are quite large though, they’re dark brown and to catch them you have to fit a pint glass over them. I let my husband remove them, I can cope with small ones, but not large ones. I hope you have a great year, let me know how you get on.

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