Saturday 21st August 2010

Went down the allotment today to do some picking. Pulled up all the beetroot, more potatoes, broccoli, onions beans (runner and french), courgettes, tomatoes and carrots. I was trying to dig up a funny shaped carrot for the odd shaped vegetable competition for the allotment social on Sunday. Could I find 1? They were all perfectly straight. The time you want a wonky one you can’t find one. I moved to the rainbow carrots and up came a carrot that looked like it was running with a tail. I’ll put that in and see. It’s just a bit of fun. I came home with a lovely box full of goodies. Made a short film “August harvest”.

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4 Responses to Saturday 21st August 2010

  1. frazzledsugarplummum says:

    LOL can’t find a wonky when you want one. Sounds like you are picking a treat. Haven’t had a working computer for a while now. So behind with reading my regulars. Looking forward to checking out your vids.

  2. love of vegetables. says:

    Claire I want o give carrots a try this fall, I bought a bag of those rainbow color ones, I have raise beds so hopefully they will do well there. Any suggestions on how to get the sweetest carrots?

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