Thursday 19th August 2010

Had fun this morning making a scarecrow for the allotment competition tomorrow. It has to be of someone famous, fictional or non fictional, so I’ve done Superman. It’s my son old dressing up costume, looks quite sweet really. I’ll pop up the allotment this evening (before it gets dark) to erect him in position. Hope he does a super job at scaring away the birds. Also had a bit of a sort out of the jungle of a greenhouse. I’ve got a melon growing very well as well as loads of little aubergines. I picked 2 more cucumbers, 1 aubergine, 1 sweet pepper and quite a few chillies. The new greenhouse is fab everything is growing so much better than last year when I had the old greenhouse. Thank you Mark again for buying it for our anniversary I love it and you.

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2 Responses to Thursday 19th August 2010

  1. frazzledsugarplummum says:

    Ooooh I am jealous. Would love to have a greeenhouse. There isnt quite enough hot growing days for watermelon etc down South.

    • I grow mine in the greenhouse and they do very well. They don’t come out as large as you’d hope, but just the thought of growing a melon in the UK is fine by me. They taste so sweet and yummy. I’ve got 1 so far this year in the greenhouse, there maybe more in the greenhouse somewhere, but the other plants have taken over and it looks like a jungle at the moment.

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