Sunday 1st August 2010

Popped down to the allotment this morning after bellringing. Had a massive water as I’m going on holiday, and my lovely sister Michelle is looking after my allotment and my garden at home whilst I’m away. Thank you Michelle, you’re a star. I picked a few runner beans, french beans, carrots and another kohl rabi. These we’ll eat before we go away. Everything’s coming on well in the greenhouse, the aubergines are getting bigger and more cucumbers are nearly ready. The chilli’s are taking shape nicely and also my various tomatoes. Hopefully when I come back from holiday (not wishing the 2 weeks away) I’ll have loads to harvest. Have a great Summer to you all, love Claire.

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2 Responses to Sunday 1st August 2010

  1. Hope you are having a great time.

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