Monday 12th July 2010

Slightly cooler today, but quite muggy. Dug up some more potatoes for dinner. 1 looks like it’s got a head, and the kids called it a snowman potato. Haven’t eaten it yet. Also dug up 2 carrots, just to see how they’re getting on. They smell so fresh when they first come out the soil. They’re growing well, but I’ll leave the rest in the ground until I need them. Also pulled up 2 beetroot, they’re a little bigger than a golf ball. Will pull a few more soon and then boil till soft, skin and then freeze. I think this is better than putting them in vinegar, and much less hassle.

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7 Responses to Monday 12th July 2010

  1. Teresa says:

    Hi Claire

    Thanks for the tip, hadn’t thought of that. Our Beetroot are about ready to pull and I’ll try this – as you say seems a shame to mask the wonderful taste by pickling them.

  2. Makes me feel hungry for fresh, Claire. Thanks for the tip about the beetroot. I haven’t tried to grow any yet.

  3. Maiden says:

    That tip about freezing beetroot is one of the most useful things I’ve heard all year 🙂

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