Friday 9th July 2010

Another hot day 31 today in London they said, I can believe that. The last few days were a little cooler, which was lovely. Weeded and watered just over another quarter of the plot today. Didn’t strim as I had to walk today, can’t really walk through the park and along the main road with a petrol strimmer, looks a bit odd. The Fennel are looking great, the bulbs are swelling nicely. They are such tactile plants, you can’t help running your hand over the tops of them when you go past. Nibbled a few raspberries and tayberries whilst I was there, very sweet and yummy.

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2 Responses to Friday 9th July 2010

  1. gardenlady says:

    Claire I had a question I have been meaning to ask you but always forget. Do you only use organic pesticides to controll bugs in your garden or have you even had the need to use non organic methods as well?

    • The only ways I control bug are either slug pellets (the organic ones are about £1 more than the normal ones) and diluted washing up liquid. There are loads of sprays in DIY stores, organic and non organic. Usually you can find an organic spray for just a small amount more than non organic. I try to use an organic one whenever I can. Sometimes however there is no alternative. If we all try our best than that’s all that matters.

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