Blooming flowers!

There’s only a month of Summer left, then we’ll be into Autumn. The weather clearly has other ideas and has decided that Summer has finished because, even though it’s very humid, still the clouds and rain stop the sun from shining. But some plants are loving this sort of weather.

Yes I’m harvesting all sorts from the garden, and spaces are now appearing where veggies were once growing, but the chickens seem to enjoy having dust baths in these places. The days are getting shorter and we have to draw the curtains earlier than normal.

I am still wearing my shorts during the day at work, but the grass is moist first thing in the morning. There are loads of upside and the garden hasn’t finished looking beautiful just yet.

The Hydrangeas,




And Fuchsias are in full bloom.

The Chrysanthemums are just starting to flower.

There is still loads of life left in the garden and still loads more colour to see.

Soon the mass tidy up will arrive, although I’m starting that with some things already. Now is the time to be ordering your Spring flowering bulbs, or you can go and have a look in your local garden centre, but they may not have then quite yet, so be patient.

Enjoy all the colours that are in your garden at the moment, but make sure you make the most of the warmth we have because soon it’ll be too cold to sit outside in the evening, unless you’re wearing a blanket.

Take care,

Claire xx

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2 Responses to Blooming flowers!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yes, the gardens here are starting to show the end of production. Your flowers are beautiful. My cleanup will begin soon as well. I have thoughts about the fall garden but haven’t put any efforts toward it just yet. This week has been family time with cousins and my sister. Hopefully, I can get back to garden time next week. The nights are starting to cool off so it’s an indication of coming fall. Trees are starting to get a slight tinge of yellow which is another indication that summer days are coming to an end. I have had to water a lot this year. We have had rains to fill my water tank so it’s not exactly a water shortage but the rains have not been very frequent. I am ready for the cooler fall days and the garden shut down to begin.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    • Have a wonderful time with the family. I managed to see my sister a couple of months ago (we live about 80 miles apart from each other now). But I’ve not seen my parents since February 2020! Miss them so much. We all keep up to date with each other on WhatsApp, so that’s good. But there’s nothing better than a good old hug. Hopefully my parents will be able to fly over for Christmas. Our trees in the UK are still in full leaf and green, but give them another month and they’ll start changing. The farmers in the fields have been harvesting all the hay and rolling it up into bales. The garden is definitely slowing down, although my courgettes (zucchinis) aren’t agreeing. Take care, Claire x

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