Sunday 9th May 2021 – A Garden day

After another busy week of gardening for other people (which I love don’t get me wrong), and Saturday rushing around doing shopping and household chores, catching up on emails, baking, oh and so many other things. I promised myself Sunday would mostly be spent in the garden. So after the morning church service bell ringing, very soon we can get back to practice night ringing which will be sooooooooo good, and a few more household chores, I was finally outside.

The greenhouse needed watering again, the plants are growing so well in there and soon some will need planting outside. Lots of the flowers are for gardening clients of mine, so in a couple of weeks time they’ll all leave the safety of my greenhouse and go out in people’s gardens. I’ll then have room for all my melon’s, aubergines and various other plants.

In one of the small beds at the back I planted out my lettuce and then sowed a few more lettuce seeds in a row next to it.

Hopefully once the first lot of lettuce is finished then the next lot will be ready. I’ll sow another row in about 6 weeks time so we’ll have a good supply throughout the summer and into the autumn.

A little bit more weeding in the hydrangea bed and I had a few plants that I needed to go in that bed as well. Then just some general tidying up before I had to call it a day.

I didn’t get as much time in the garden as I’d hoped, by brain just found it difficult to focus. It does that sometimes, must be my age.

Another busy week next week, but hopefully I can try and sneak in a bit more, so much to do at this time of year.

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