Saturday 24th April 2021 – Gardening to try and ease the brain.

My brain decided to be very, very angry on Friday. So angry in fact that I had to go and see a doctor and get some very strong tablets. But even those didn’t make it go. I’m sure like many of you who suffer from migraines you’ll understand what I felt like. Not wanting to go into too much detail, this one was particularly bad and I kept having to chat with the loo. This one even stopped me going to work, so I had to email the client I was supposed to be going to that day, they were very understanding. I tend to get them regularly if I’m unlucky 3-4 times a month, but if I’m lucky just twice a month. I put it down to that time in a woman’s life, but I started to get them just before I turned 40, and now 7 years on they’ve still not improved. They usually last an entire day, but sometimes they last a couple of days as this one seems to be, but they have lasted 4 days before and that gets really tedious.

Before any of you tell me things I shouldn’t eat or drink, I don’t have the following because if I do within 10 minutes my head gets very cross with me: No chocolate in any way shape or form. No caffeine so no tea or coffee, I have fruit teas not green tea as that has caffeine in it, I’ll have a decaf coffee very occasionally. No red wine. I do eat some cheese, but not every day, and then it’s not much. I can’t have too much processed sugar either, so a cake or a piece of flapjack once or twice a week. I’m not sure what else I can do. After the last few days I’ve even considered cannabis tea. I may have some tonight before bed and see how it goes. With that and our new Emma mattress I’ll be floating on cloud nine. I always have a good 8-9 hours of sleep each night, so it’s not lack of sleep….oh if I don’t get enough sleep that sets one off as well.

So with Friday best forgotten I was hoping that when I woke on Saturday morning my head would be back to normal, well it wasn’t quite. But in the morning and the first part of the afternoon it was much better, so after lunch I went out into the garden to sow some of my April seeds.

Right are you ready? There’s quite a few to get through. Off we go….

Let’s start with various salad leaves first. I sowed a few of each, but in a months time I’ll sow some more and keep sowing monthly until about September. that way I’ll have a good supply throughout the summer. These are best kept in the shade and moist because if it gets too hot then they’ll just bolt and go to seed. These are what I sowed, Lambs Lettuce, Purslane, Rocket, Tatsoi.

All these can be sown in exactly the same way and as they can be used in salads I sow them as I would any salad leaves.

Then I move onto some herbs, Sweet Basil “Genovese”, Coriander “Leisure” and finally some Lemongrass “East Indian Madagasar”.

Again I sow all these herbs in exactly the same way, and to be honest most herbs will be sown the same way.

And finally in the little seed trays Cauliflower “Romanesco“, I love these they are so beautiful and tasty.

These are sown in the same was as all the other brassicas, so cabbages, sprouts and so on…

The next lot of seeds I sowed in individual square pots, when you see what they are it’ll make sense as the seeds are much larger, and that way I won’t have to transplant them, just plant them outside in June.

Firstly the cucurbits. I sowed 2 seeds per pot, at diagonal corners. I place the seeds on the top of the compost first and then then push them down about an inch, that way if you get distracted by something at least you know which ones you’ve done.

This is what I’m growing this year, Gourds “Ornamental Mixed”, Courgette “Sunstripe” and Courgette “Green Bush” and finally some long outdoor Cucumbers, in Spain (which is where my packet comes from) they’re called “Alficoz”, but their other name seems to be Armenian Cucumbers.

All cucurbits need to be sown in exactly the same way so this is how I sow mine.

And then finally today I sowed my Okra seeds. Now Okra is very fussy, and doesn’t like to be moved so I sowed 4 seeds per pot.

The germination rate is also quite hit and miss maybe it’s the seeds being old, but even when I first got them they were quite poor. At least with sowing 4 seeds per pot I’ll hopefully get at least one plant per pot. If more come up, I won’t separate them them.

So that was it for Saturday, my brain started to hurt again so I needed to take another one of my special pills. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning it will have completely gone and I can enjoy at least one day of the weekend.

Lottie and Dottie have been very busy in their garden sowing their Carrots, Sunflowers and Pumpkins. If you’d like to join them, why not visit them on Etsy and ask them to send you some books. Click HERE to take you straight to their page.

Take care and happy gardening!!

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2 Responses to Saturday 24th April 2021 – Gardening to try and ease the brain.

  1. hawthorn says:

    Hi – if this is any help – I used to get ‘angry heads’ I love that term. It was a forgone conclusion I would inherit them from either of my folks who both get them but for different reasons. I avoid my trigger foods (bananas – yes they are my worst, red wine, diesel and petrol fumes, strong chemical smells ie turps etc) but I refused to end up like my folks – debilitated for 24 – 72 hours at a time taking loads of tablets, being sick, hiding in the dark, staying in bed, being in pain and crippled by them – even though that was what was happening to me. So I did a bit of research and found that – as soon as I see the sparkles or notice that ‘blind spot’ I slam in two ibuprofens and and go for a walk – not just a meander – but a power walk – I usually take some one with me if I can or a dog – coz I loose my vision in one eye. I walk as hard as I can which speeds up the sparkles (aura) across my vision and as soon as they go, I walk home (usually after 10 – 15 minutes) I discovered that the quicker I can get through the aura stage, the shorter the headache stage. I learnt that the constrictions of the tiny tiny capillaries at the base of your skull constrict when you have a migraine and in essence (simplified version) are integral to the pain and aura. Exercise – hard heart pumping power walking exercise makes your capillaries expand and help sreduce the affect of the head ache. I still get that post aura slamming head but instead of being knocked sideways for up to 72 hours, I will have a ‘hang over’ for about 12 -15 hours and feel a little delicate – but I can deal with that. It did take a leap of faith when I had to start charging around at high heart rate when really I wanted to find a dark corner and curl up and die. A long comment – but if it helps 🙂 I feel for you – migraines are RUBBISH and I would not wish them on any one xx oh before I forget – my brother also inherited the ‘family head’ and he reacts as my parents do – by retreated and weathering the pain until it is gone.

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, I hope and pray that your migraines will go away and stay away. I’ve never had one but my wife got them and I could see that they are terrible. Thank goodness for those special pills, huh. My wife would have to go to the Emergency Room and get a cocktail of drugs shot. They would tell me to go straight home and put her to bed. They were right by the time I got home she was wobbly and would sleep for about 8 to 10 hours and then be fine when she woke up. Well, until the next time.

    I am glad to see that you can still enjoy gardening. It’s prime time gardening here in Nebraska. This is when the warm weather plants start getting planted. I have tomato and pepper plants that are busting out of their pots and wanting to spread their roots in real soil. April has been quite cold with many frosty nights. I am hopeful that the killing frost days are over.

    Have the best day that you can.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

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