Sunday 7th March 2021 – The pricking out has began……

The perfect Sunday for me would be to start with a bit of bell ringing (still not allowed to do that yet because of this pandemic, but hopefully back fairly soon), then when I get home, grab a cup of tea and then go straight out into the garden and be there for the rest of the day.

I am please to say that the last two of those I was still able to do today. Whatever life decided to throw at us at the moment, at least somethings never have to change. So after doing a few chores in the house I grabbed a cup of tea and out I went.

Victoria and BB are getting along very well now and all the wire to separate them has now been taken away. Although Victoria sometimes forgets that she should sleep on the perch at night, so I’ve had to take her out one of the nesting boxes to show her where to go. I’m sure she’ll get there eventually. She lays an egg most days now, and I think she’s reminded BB that she should be doing this as well. As long as they’re happy that’s all that matters to me. Victoria doesn’t mind me picking her up now, but if anyone else tries she runs away. I must have the special touch, or maybe she’s just frightened of anyone she doesn’t know.

The garden waste was supposed to be picked up last Thursday, but they didn’t do mine. Obviously I complained, but all the customer service people are working from home so you can’t talk to a human being at the moment. It’s still sitting by the road just incase, but I don’t hold out much hope. I have lots of bags of garden waste that need to go in it once it’s been emptied. But that’s the moan over.

Firstly I sowed a load of seeds for a client, all of which are flower seeds, and then I got onto my own stuff. I needed to prick out my Exhibition Onions.

They’re about 2 inches tall now are are touching to top of the propagator lid, so it’s time for them to be transplanted into their own individual square pots. This year I’m easing them out with my little red safety knife (yes I’m totally aware of how contradicting that sounds), I’ve previously used a pencil, but whatever works for you. I filled the pots with multipurpose compost, made a deep hole with my middle finger, eased out the seedling, popped it in the hole making sure all the roots and the white part and a little bit of the green section above was under the soil and then filled in around the seedling with a little more compost.

Then it was time to do the same with the Musselburgh Leeks which again are germinating really well. Last year the leeks did really well and I’ve still got some in the freezer waiting to be eaten.

I’ve sown two different varieties of Sweet Peas, and one variety is ready to be pricked out now, but the other needs about another week. You can sow your sweet pea seeds directly into small pots and then you don’t have to worry about pricking them out, but I was getting a little short on compost when I sowed these so couldn’t do them that way. Just be careful when you prick them out as the roots are incredibly long and wiggle all over the place. Also make sure when handling them you hold them by the leaves and not the stem.

I’ve sown four different varieties of Tomatoes this year “Giant Tree”, “Gardener’s Delight”, “Supermarmande” and “Minibel Cocktail”. Some are now ready to be pricked out but some need a little longer.

You can prick them out when they’re about an inch tall, but if you feel that’s too small for you, then wait a little taller. Don’t leave them too late otherwise they’ll get very leggy. They’re best pricked out when they’re between 1-1.5 inches tall. I’ve put one seedling per pot and make sure all the stem is under the soil and only the leaves are above. They may look like a new born baby in a kingsized bed at the moment, but they’ll soon grow into their pots.

The ones that are really too small I’ve left in the and gently smoothed down the compost again. I’ll come back next weekend to do the rest.

Then it was onto the Louisa Cucumbers.

I can’t remember how many seeds I sowed, but so far 5 have germinated. I’m sure at least another couple will appear soon, but if I only have these few I’m sure it’ll be enough.

Finally in the greenhouses I sowed a few more seeds, this time some Spinach “Amazon”.

And also some Lettuce, the one I’ve just sown is called “Easyleaf Mixed”, but there are plenty of different Lettuce to choose from so whatever you fancy.

I’ll sow more of these in a months time, and continue sowing monthly until about August/September time so will hopefully have a continuous supply throughout the year and into the Autumn.

Just before I’d had enough and needed to come in I also managed little bit more weeding of the fruit patch. It’s quite fiddly to weed in and amongst the strawberry plants, so little and often is the key. To be honest it’s the best thing to do in all aspects of gardening, that way it doesn’t seem like a huge mountain to climb everything you go and do some. You can’t make your garden or allotment perfect immediately, these things take time. Just remember each year will be better than the last.

So another busy weekend. I’ve got a full week next week, so see you back out in the garden next weekend I expect.

Take care and stay safe and well xxx

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5 Responses to Sunday 7th March 2021 – The pricking out has began……

  1. carolee says:

    Quite a busy day!

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Great refreshers for seed planting. It’s just about time for me to start that process here in Nebraska. The onion seeds are the only things that are up and growing so far but I will be planting bell peppers and maybe cabbage. The strawberry plants have arrived so that will be next on the agenda and soon the potatoes will arrive. Our traditional potato planting time is Good Friday.

    Thanks for your very informative videos. Happy gardening.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    • Glad to hear you’ve been able to start now. I know a lot of people swear by Good Friday planting for potatoes, but I just get them in, usually by the end of March. Easter is different every year so the weather can vary. Whatever people do that makes them happy is all that matters to me. It’s the same as with my hubby and kids, as long as their happy that’s what makes me happy to.
      Have a great day,
      Claire xx

  3. Scott Dee says:

    I think burying tomato seedlings must be what I keep messing up – I have a few seedlings now that are getting quite tall, but seem intent on falling over.
    Good luck and congrats with the planting! I hope your veggies are tasty.

    • Sounds like that’s what you’re not doing quite right at the moment. When you transplant them into individual pots make sure just the leaves are above the soil and all the stem is below. When you then either then plant them out in the ground or in larger pots, again make sure the stem is buried under the soil and just the leaves are above. When I come to that with mine I’ll let you know. So keep up to date with my blog and when I do it you’ll see. Take care xx

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