Summer evenings in the garden.

With summer just around the corner, and the evenings warm enough to sit outside with a glass of wine or beer (my preference to be honest), at the end of each day.

I’ve always dreamed of having some wonderful lights to gently sparkle around my garden in a relaxing way. I’ve always wanted to go for solar lights, as they sun does all the work (and is free), and you don’t have to either keep replacing batteries, or use electricity.

I’ve tried various solar lights from various places, some have only lasted a year, and aren’t quite doing what I want them to, that is until I came across some from LITOM.

They have loads to choose from, and I’ll definitely be getting more from them in the future. So far I have some small fairy lights over the arch where my grapes are slowly growing, and some low lights that come on when they sense me walking up the path to tuck in my chickens. They are bright enough to show me the way, without being too bright and obtrusive to the rest of the garden.

I’ve taken some photos, which I hope show them in a good light (I’m sorry for the pun), but I’m well chuffed with them I just had to show you.

Sensor lights that show the way, when I say goodnight to my chickens.
Fairy lights around my arch.

Take care in these uncertain time, and please stay safe and well. I hope you are able to enjoy your garden as much as I can, I’m not sure what I would do without my outside space.

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3 Responses to Summer evenings in the garden.

  1. Claire, nice touch to the path and arch. Since I have no need to be out in the dark to tend to birds or animals, gardens are dark unless the moon is bright. There’s nothing like a moon lit night. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind if I ever decide to light up the night properties.

    All is well with me and my family here in Nebraska.

    Have a great time walking a lighted path to close up the chickens.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

  2. Anju says:

    I have some fairy lights on the walls of my patio. I’m rarely out at night, but I can see them through the kitchen window year-round, which is pretty nice.

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