And so the seed sowing begins! – Saturday 18th January 2020

Well this seasons seed sowing has begun. I had a lovely time in the garden, and greenhouses this afternoon, and got loads done. It’s now too dark to be outside (can’t see what Im doing), so I’m in here writing this especially for you, yes you……aren’t you lucky!

I’ve given both greenhouses a good tidy up and all the trays are in my staging units. Any old plants from last year that I’d not had chance to sort out at the end of last season have now been cleared, and I had a couple of boxes of bits and pieces that needed sorting out, and I managed to also do those.

So (no pun intended, sorry) the seeds that I’ve sown are as follows: The first of the vegetables: Onions “Exhibition”, Leeks “Musselburgh“. The it was onto a few herbs: Dill and Chives. And finally a few flowers: Sweet peas “Old Fashioned Cottage Mixed”, Lobelia “Crystal Palace”, and a few varieties of Aquilegia’s “Blue Star”, “William Guinness”, and “F1 Spring Magic Mixed“.

Well that’s a good start to a very busy year.

Happy gardening!

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1 Response to And so the seed sowing begins! – Saturday 18th January 2020

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Yes, it is time to start thinking about gardening for this year. Indeed, I am lucky that you have written a post just for me. I don’t have a green house but instead I have a basement seed starting station that badly needs sorting out to get started with seed starts. I’ve been thinking that today would be a good time to start that clean up and your post inspired me to get started.

    Did storm Brendan or the aftermath winds cause you any damage? I know some of my London allotment friends had major damage.

    I just had cataract removal surgery so every thing in the world looks much brighter with bolder colors and much clearer vision. Technology is amazing. It’s so good to be living in this time as 100 years ago people would have gone blind with cataracts and just had to live with it. I’m so looking forward to this gardening year to be able to see more colorful plants and brighter flower colors.

    Have a great day planning, starting seeds, and playing in the greenhouse.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

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