Sunday 14th April 2019 – A wonderful afternoon in the garden.

I’m so busy during the week, that I only seem to be able to get out in the garden for a substantial amount of time over the weekend.

Saturday was full of bell ringing fun, as loads of ringers came from Surrey where I used to ring and came to try out some bells near me. It was fabulous to see them all again, and catch up. I’ve missed them all very much. It was just like old times as we rang at 5 different towers during the day, had a wonderful pub lunch, and then some had to go home, but many came back to have supper at our house. I’ll try and convince some of the ringers I ring with now in Kent to take a trip to Surrey soon.

So Sunday being free, I managed to get out in the garden and do all sorts of exciting sowing, planting, and pricking out. So let’s start at the beginning:

Pricking out – I’ve now pricked out my Oriental Mustard seedlings. They’ve been growing really well, and I’ve pricked 5 seedlings together into small pots. Hopefully in about 6 weeks time they’ll be ready to be planted outside in the garden. I also managed to prick out all my Dill seedlings. This time I pricked out 10 seedlings into small pots. They’ll hopefully grow well, and I’ll be planting them out in the herb patch by the end of May.

Sowing directly outside – April is the time to sow your Beetroot seeds directly outside in the soil. Using a hand trowel, turn the soil over, just to open it up a little and remove any weeds. I’ve got 3 different varieties of Beetroot this year “Boltardy”, “Golden” and a “Multicoloured Mix”. I’ve mixed them all together, so it’ll hopefully be a rainbow of Beetroots growing.

I also sowed so Turnip “Petrowski” seeds. It’s been several years since I’ve grown Turnips, so I’ve sown just one row to see how they get on.

I also sowed a few more Parsnips. I have 2 varieties this year “Gladiator” and “Tender & True”. I didn’t sow parsnips last year as I was still filling the beds with soil, and it was too late. We love roasted parsnips in our house, so I’m hoping for some lovely long ones this year. The soil in the beds is very sandy, and very few stones, so they should grow well.

I’ve also started to get my potatoes in. I’ve sown some in the raised beds, but the others I will sow in large pots. This year I’m growing “Sarpo Mira”. They’re my favourite potato as they are blight resistant, and I think they’re lovely potatoes.

The garden and greenhouses are filling up nicely, still loads more to do.

Well that’s all for today, I need to start dinner now otherwise the family will start to get “Hangry”. Yes it’s a word, it’s a cross between Hungry and Angry.

A busy week ahead (no surprise there), don’t forget Hot Crossed Buns on Friday. The weather is supposed to be warming up, so that excellent news.

Have a wonderful week, and keep an eye out for my new videos, there’s lots going on in my garden.

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