Friday 29th March 2019 – Direct sowing….finally!

Woke up this morning…da na na na na. It was really foggy…da na na na na. The fog finally cleared da na na na na. The sun came out da na na na na.

I think I should keep to gardening don’t you?

But yes it’s true, it was really, really foggy first thing, and then by about 11 o clock the sun burned it all away and the afternoon has been beautiful. So I’ve spent most of it in the garden sowing seeds and doing other stuff.

We couldn’t even see the road when the fog came in. Oh and if you’re wondering, the horse on the right is lying down, it’s not dead.

I sowed one row of Parsnips “Gladiator” and the temptation to go all Russell Crowe on them was very strong, but I resisted. They should pop through the soil in about 3 weeks or so, and I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

I also sowed three rows of Carrots. What varieties they are I don’t know as I got several varieties and mixed them all together. It’s going to be a wonderful surprise when I harvest them as to what colours they’re going to be. I love a bit of mystery don’t you? I’m sure Lottie and Dottie would approve.

I then sowed 1 line of Spring Onions “White Lisbon”. I have a couple of other varieties, but I’m trying to finish up all my old seeds, so I can start afresh next year. It’s good to grow carrots and anything from the onion family next to each other, as they repel the flies from each other. I love it when plants work with each other. The same can not be said for Bert and the new chickens. They’re worse than toddlers!!

I also sowed a few more Radish, this time “Pink Beauty”. The first lot of radish I sowed are growing brilliantly and should be ready in a couple of weeks.

And finally I’ve started to harvest this years Asparagus. I sowed it from seed about 7 years ago I think. What variety they are I don’t know, but there are some lovely varieties here. It was then in my allotment, and then I dug it all up and it moved with us. This time last year I put it in it’s new bed, but didn’t harvest any as I wanted it to settle. Now it’s settled I can now harvest some this year. It looks fabulous, I’m so chuffed.

All ready for dinner tonight.

Well that’s all for today, a good days work. I think I deserve one of my birthday beers (I hope I’ve got one left) and a long hot soak in a bath.

Happy days!

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