Tuesday 19th March 2019 – Pricking out and sowing various flowers seeds

The last 2 weeks have been rather windy, and it’s got nothing to do with what I’ve been eating, although Mark may disagree with that. With the strong winds I’ve been very concerned about spending any length of time in the greenhouses. You don’t want to be anywhere near glass that gets shattered by the wind.

Now that the weather has calmed down considerably (finally) and it’s also warmed up again, it’s wonderful to be able to get back into the greenhouse and do some work.

Everything has been growing really well and now I’m starting to prick out all sorts of seedlings. Today I pricked out loads of Tomatoes. Some are germinating better than others, so I’ve prick out what I can, and then put the tray back, and will wait patiently to see if any more appear. Sungold seem to be eager to get out of bed, but the other varieties seem to want a lie in.

My Emir Melons are growing brilliantly, and I have 12 strong seedlings, and 3 little tiny ones. Hopefully they’ll continue to grow well and I’ll be harvesting some lovely fruits in the Summer. I won’t say I’ll be able to show you my lovely pair of melons soon, as that’s just childish….ooops!

I also pricked out a load more brassica seedlings. Kale is doing brilliantly and I have 2 varieties this year “Smoothie Mix” and “Afro”. I’ve also pricked out Broccoli “Lancer Mixed” and Brukale, as well as a few odds and sods.

I also pricked out my French Marigolds which have been growing really well.

My French Marigold seedlings. Will I still be able to grow these after Brexit, or will I need a visa?

March is also the time to start sowing a load of flower seeds, so I’ve sown the following: Poppy “Maanzaad” and “Shirley Single Mixed”. Some Cornflowers “Tall Mixed”, Clarkia “Choice Double”, Gypsophila “Monarch white”, Nigella “Persian Jewels”, Candytuft “Fairy Mixed“, Linum “Bright Eyes”, a Cottage garden mix and finally a mixture of seeds from Kew gardens. They’re all perfect if you want to create a cottage garden feel to your garden.

Phew, that’s all for today folks, I think I need a cup of tea now.

A load more brassica seedlings.

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1 Response to Tuesday 19th March 2019 – Pricking out and sowing various flowers seeds

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, I too have been transplanting into larger cups. My tomatoes have been transplanted up into 8 ounce plastic cups. Things are growing gang busters but the weather is not co operating. We are about three weeks behind normal weather for this year so I’ve started another round of seeds just in case I have to wait and the plants I have now get to big and leggy. It’s a very different Spring here in Nebraska.

    Have a great pricking plant day.

    Nebraska Dave

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