Monday 11th February 2019 – A busy afternoon sowing!

The sowing season is definitely here, and seed sowing is starting to get very busy. This afternoon I sowed lots more seeds, so let me go through it all with you.

I sowed a few more brassicas: Brukale “Petit Posy”, which grew amazingly well last year, and I’m still harvesting them. If you fancy trying something different please give them a go, they’re a cross between Kale and Brussels. Again something else I grew last year and it did really well was Calabrese “Matsuri”. These have wonderful large heads and taste amazing. And finally on the brassica front Cabbage “Primo”. These are good solid heads and are very sweet, and great sauteed.

If you didn’t sow your Broad Beans in November, now is the perfect time to start them off. I always start mine off in the greenhouse, as I find either the squirrels dig them up and eat them, or other wildlife. If you have clay soil or soil that gets waterlogged over the winter you may find they rot. So starting them off in the greenhouse works for me. The variety I’m growing this year is called “The Sutton”.

I sowed a few more Aubergine seeds, these ones I’ve had for several years, but they’re still germinating well. I bought the packet in Spain and they’re white with purple markings on them. Also I sowed a few more Onions “Isobel Rose”, they have white and pink rings in them, so that’ll be interesting to see.

A few flower seed as well. Don’t forget to add a few flowers to your vegetable patch, as they help attract the pollinators. I’ve sown some French Marigolds and some Nicotiana.

And finally today I sowed a load of Tomatoes. This year I’ve chosen a variety of different sizes, shapes and colours, so here goes, are you ready?

Aunt Ginny’s Purple”, “Black Cherry“, “Sungold”, “Bloody Butcher”, “Indigo Blue Berries“, and “Green Sausage“.

That’s all for today. This should keep me going for a while. Still loads more to do, so I’ll keep you posted.

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