Saturday 9th February 2019 – All my January seeds are sown!

I am pleased to report that all the seeds that I wanted to sow in January have now been sown. Now I need to start work on the ones for February. Lots is happening in the greenhouses, many of the seeds have started to germinate, and with the weather warming up a little now, hopefully those that have not made an appearance yet soon will do. I’ve been pricking out various seedlings as well. It’s all starting to get quite exciting and Spring will soon be here.

Today I sowed some Spinach “Trombone F1”, some Aubergines “Rosa Bianca” and some Lettuce “Tantan”.

I wasn’t on my own in the greenhouses as Bert (yes I know it’s a boys name, and she’s a girl, but it’s 2019 so who cares), was keeping me company. She lost her little buddy Belina yesterday, so she’s all on her own, and where ever I am in the garden, she’s not far away. Don’t worry we will get more chickens soon, just waiting for a collection date to appear on the BHWT website.

It’s getting dark now, so I’m inside writing this, and then will edit some more videos. Lots more to do tomorrow. And I’m sure I’ll have a little chicken helper again.

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