The first of the brassicas are sown.

Some brassicas are in the ground for a long time, so you need to make sure that you are ok with them taking up space for that amount of time. I’m still harvesting some of my brassicas (Brukale and Brussels Sprouts), and today I’m sowing some Brussels Sprout seeds for this coming year.

The Brussels Sprouts “Braemar” are lovely and flavourful. Last year they were quite small, but they did struggle during the very hot summer. Still if they’re on the small side, you don’t have to cook them for so long and they can stay whole.

My Cauliflowers “Orkney” are also very tasty. Cauliflowers don’t freeze well, unless they are part of a cauliflower cheese dish. So make sure you don’t over do it with cauliflowers otherwise they’ll go to waste.

Here’s how I sowed mine.

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