Here’s to 2019!!

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to all those wonderful new adventures that await us all in 2019.

I always write myself a list at the beginning of the New Year, it’s not really a resolution list, but things I would like to accomplish over the coming year. I write a list most days, otherwise I’ll forget what I am planning on doing. Whether I complete everything is another matter, but it’s good to look back on the year to see what you have managed to do. I find this gives me a feeling of great satisfaction.

So here is a summary of my list from 2018:

More gardening ebooks – I wanted to write at least 12 more of these in 2018, but was only able to write another 3, still it’s more than writing none at all.

Chickens in their new home – The concrete base of the new chickens home was started at the very end of 2017, but the shed itself was constructed very early on in the year. Then I had to put in their perch, nesting boxes and feeding trough, as well as construct their new run. The girlies moved in early on in the year. They’re still very happy in their new home and have lots of room to play, and it’s much easier to clean them out.

Gardening workshops I wanted to do at least 10 workshops, but only managed 4. But considering as I’m new to the area, and it was my first shot at them since we moved, I guess it’s not bad. Soon I’ll be sending out my information packs to the schools.

Raised beds up and filled – This happened with the help of Mark, my mum & dad, and the kids. Thank you all very much for your help. I managed to grow vegetables in 3 beds, and got the fruit bed filled and planted by the end of the year. The soil has settled, so I need to top them up a little, but that won’t take long. We also constructed 4 small beds and a herb bed. The herb bed is yet to be planted in.

Greenhouses – Both the concrete bases were made, the greenhouse frames were put back together, and the glass was put back in. I had to go and buy a few panes of glass, but the shelving units were soon in and the greenhouses were up and running in no time.

Victoriana Nursery In February I started a part time job, just a couple of days a week, but as they got busy I needed to work 5 days a week. Sadly at the end of December I had to say goodbye, as I’m now gardening for local people in my area. I learnt so much while I worked there and the staff were all fabulous. I’ll still pop in to see them when I can, and order my plants of course.

That’s all on the gardening front. In 2019 I’m planning on making the garden “perfect”, basically meaning that I’ll try and be as organised as possible, and get so much more out of the garden then I did last year. I want to do more school gardening events, get my chicken book published, write a murder mystery (gardening related of course), and get some more hens (we’re down to 2).

I do have a life outside Claire’s Allotment (yes I know it’s hard to believe), so I also managed to do the following in 2018:

As you know I’m a church bell ringer, and I’ve been ringing now for 32 years!! Yes I’m that old. I also set myself some goals for this as well, so here goes:

I wanted to ring in at least 5 different towers, which I did (think I rang in over 10 towers I’d never been to before). I wanted to ring at least 10 Quarter peals, I actually rang 14 quarter peals (all either Doubles, Minor, Triples or Major). I wanted to ring at least 1 peal, which I did, and I learnt a plain course of London Minor, which I now know.

I didn’t manage to ring a quarter peal on 12 bells, though.

In 2019 I want to ring at least another 10 Quarter peals, with at least 1 of those on 10, 11 or 12. I would like to ring another peal, and try at least 5 new towers. Now I can learn a touch of London Minor, and would like to leant a plain course of Lincolnshire Major. I do understand that this will mean nothing to many of you, but some you’ll understand.

Well that should keep me going, and with all the other Claire’s Allotment bits planned. I should be very busy.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019, and please let me know what’s on your list for 2019. Let’s all encourage each other this year to reach that much further than we think we can go. So that by the end of this year we can all look back and say “Look what I did this year!”

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4 Responses to Here’s to 2019!!

  1. Jim Norlem says:

    The winter has started here with very low temperatures ( -20 F wind chill last night ) . This is my 82nd winter I know this cold will mean the end to some of the problem bugs left in the garden but it does not make me any warmer. 🙂 I live in Nebraska on the edge of the sand hills, The radio station has been retelling of the blizzard of 1948 and 1949 but I remember it well. I plan a few new plants for the garden this year and hope no hospital time will make me late as it did last year . I have been watching you for quit a while and enjoy your programs immensely . Thank you for taking the time video, edit and post. Have a wonderful 2019.. jim

    • Gosh that’s cold. Please stay warm. I’m sure you wear plenty of layers and smuggle under a blanket when you’re watching TV. I hope the cold weather doesn’t last too long and you can get back out in your garden again. Please look after yourself.

    • Jim, I’m with you buddy. I live on the eastern side of the state next to the Missouri river. I have vacant city lot garden called Terra Nova Gardens that I spent my spare time growing vegetables to give away. The wind chill was brutal here but not quite that bad. You guys out in Western Nebraska seem to always have the extremes. I have endured only 71 winters but I expect there will be many more for me to deal with.

      Stay warm because Spring is coming. Try to have the best day that you can.

      Nebraska Dave

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yes, I do have a list of things that I call plans. Resolutions are too set in stone for me. Plans are more flexible. They can be changed or even cancelled. This year I’ve decided to focus on all the half done projects that I thought was a great idea and lost interest in about half way through the project. It has started with inside projects that have been in progress for some months. So the mantra for this year is “Finish it” or as a famous Nebraska comedian says, “Let’s get ur done”.

    You are always organized and focused on completing things. It gives me inspiration to get my projects done when I watch your videos or read about them.

    Have a great 2019 and I’m looking forward to seeing how your garden develops this year.

    Nebraska Dave

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