Harvesting my Onions….

Please don’t cry it’s only onions….

Now the tops have gone all droopy it’s time to harvest my onions. Considering as they went in very late they’ve not done too bad….

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3 Responses to Harvesting my Onions….

  1. Ok, this suprised me. I was taken about by the fact you dug them up. I’ve never seen anyone growing onions that deep! I’ve always just pulled them up as they grew on the surface. Well, everyone is different I guess! It obviously works for you.

  2. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, fantastic harvest. No onions for me this year. It was a year of very little gardening. You have really accomplished a lot with your new garden this year. Your videos are always inspire me to try new things and keep pressing forward.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge about gardening.

    Have a great onion harvesting day.

    Nebraska Dave

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