Harvesting your garlic

It time for me to harvest my garlic, and it’s very easy to do. Make sure that you dry the bulbs for at least a month before storing otherwise they may go mouldy. If you want to store them in a fabric sack, or be fancy and tie them up in a fancy plait it’s up to you.

Here’s how I harvest mine.

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4 Responses to Harvesting your garlic

  1. Keith Springford says:


    Harvested my October plated garlic at beginning of June. Would have been nice to leave them a extra month or so but they were struck down by severe rust😩 while they still had some greenery I left them alone but after coming back from a 10 day holiday the patch was a desolate withered place….dug them up and they were surprisingly good. Seems that if rusts hits late it’s not fatal…..

    Sturon onions…a bumper crop …rows of shallots directly next to them ; miserable, rotten and wormy …strange.

    PS Digging up last potatoes…there’s something that burrows and is gnawing at them, losing about 10%..think that it’s voles but we also have a sort of underground cricket .that chomps at things..horrible things, but never mind.. 3 kilos from one Maris Piper yesterday so enough for everybody☺️

    • Rust looks horrible, but can hit any of the alliums, but some are more prone to it than others. If rust is bad on my garlic I dig up immediately, cut off the offending rust and take to the tip. Don’t put diseased leaves in your compost heap as it’ll just spread. Glad to hear your onions are great, but what a pity about your shallots. Make sure next year you grow them in a completely different area. It could be to do with the weather, and they just picked on the shallots. Maybe they were easier to burrow into. I’ve still got to harvest my potatoes. They’re still growing, but hopefully in about a month or so, see how long I can hold out. I don’t like the sound of your potato thief, I hope you don’t loose too many.

  2. Mila says:

    Lovely blog yoou have here

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