Claire’s Allotment Essentials ebooks

Now that Spring is definitely here, please no more snow until winter, it’s time to get everything ready in the garden. I’m sure, like me, you’re in full seed sowing mode, and have great plans for your garden this year.

When growing fruits and vegetables, most of us tend to buy a massive heavy gardening book. These are very difficult to lug about, and if you take them out in the garden they get dirty very quickly, pages flip over in the breeze, and pages get torn. Large books are hard to fit into your allotment bag, and is not very easy to read in bed.

What you need is something easy and light to transport. Now a days most of us have Kindles or iPads, or some form of technology that we can download books onto. These are usually kept safe in a case, so the gardening debris can’t get in. What you need is to be able to download an ebook onto your devise so you can have it with you at all times.

Well, I’ve been very busy, and have lots more to do, but I have written a series of gardening books, called Claire’s Allotment Essentials, and they can be downloaded for 99p each! What a bargain.

So far I have written the following, but there are many more to come.

Happy reading and gardening!

How to grow Potatoes click HERE

How to grow Onions click HERE

How to grow Strawberries click HERE

How to grow Broad Beans click HERE

How to grow French Beans click HERE

How to grow Tomatoes click HERE

How to grow Carrots click HERE

Container gardening click HERE

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