Sunday 25th March 2018 – Don’t forget some flowers!

When sowing your fruit and vegetable seeds, make sure you also sow some flower seeds as well. Flowers are very important on your fruit and veggie patch, because they attract the bees and other pollinators. Many plants need these pollinators so they can produce the goodies we harvest. Choose your seeds carefully, so you grow just the right ones. There is no point in growing flower seeds that the pollinators don’t like. So today I sowed the following: Nasturtium “Gleam Mixed”, Sweet Pea “Fragrantissima”, Nocotiana “Lime Green”, Cosmos “Colour Mix”, and Cosmos “Purity”. I’m hoping the pollinators will all love these.  I sowed them all in seed trays with some multi purpose compost, and they are labeled correctly and in the greenhouse with a propagator lid over the top of them to help keep in some heat. When they’re big enough and the weather is warmer, I will plant them outside, planting them around the raised veggie and fruit beds, as well as in the flower border.

Spring is here, and so is British Summer Time! I hope you’ve changed your clocks, otherwise you’ll be late to work this morning. It’s slightly darker in the morning, but the sun sets later, which is wonderful.


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1 Response to Sunday 25th March 2018 – Don’t forget some flowers!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, so England has a time change for the summer as well. Ours here in the States was almost a month ago. For me it’s more of an nuisance than any thing. The sun still comes up and goes down at the same time. Being retired and work in the garden, I don’t really run on clock time any way. Have you noticed that animals don’t care about summer time. They still know when they are supposed to be fed.

    Have a great summer time day in the garden.

    Nebraska Dave

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