Come and meet the new members of the family!

It’s been a busy weekend. We drove to Foal Farm, Biggin Hill on Sunday to pick up 4 more ex battery hens. It’s was a dry day, and very quiet. That was until we arrived and all you could hear was the sad cries of loads of naked chickens who desperately wanted a new home and some love.

We went prepared with a large box and I had booked to pick up 4. As with our last lot of chickens we got them from the BHWT. They rescue chickens from the egg production line and give them new homes with families. The hens are about 18 months old and are apparently past their best? We’ve had our first lot of girls for 3 years now, and they’re still laying, not every day, but they’re still happy. They’re pets and that’s all that counts.

It was time to get a few more to add to our little lot, let’s hope they all get on with each other.

Our new ladies aren’t very pretty at all. They’re naked, scared of everything, jittery, won’t go outside unless made to, and need loads of TLC. They’ll get loads from us. Hopefully in a few weeks time they’ll settle and not be quite so jumpy.

Come and meet the family……

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2 Responses to Come and meet the new members of the family!

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, it’s very sad how chickens are treated at the commercial egg laying factories.I actually visited one once. It was so bad for the chickens that I wondered at how they could live and lay eggs at all. Even free range chickens were kept in an area that was crowded. There were so many chickens that each one didn’t have much more room than the ones that were caged. I expect not all can be saved but any that can go to a good home is more than none. Thank you so much to being a chicken rescue person. It does take some time for those chickens to get used to being outside of the cage.

    Have a great chicken rescue day.

    Nebraska Dave

    • It’s criminal how they’re treated. Just wish I could have saved more. Maybe some day. When I was young and my parents got 18 ex battery hens. I remember going to the farm and seeing rows upon rows of chickens in cages. I was only about 8, so didn’t realise how horrible it was. But I still remember. We bought them home, put them in their new house and they all hid in the corner for days. Our new 4 are getting braver, but still get nervous at any strange sound.

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