Delia Smith’s Seville Orange Marmalade

I’ve been making Seville Orange Marmalade for many years now. I love marmalade on toast, waffles, toasted scones or toasted tea cakes. Homemade marmalade is so much better than any shop bought ones. Yes I know there’s a lot of sugar in marmalade, but I only have it at the weekends, and a jar lasts me a very long time, so I feel it’s not too naughty when 5lb – 6lb of marmalade lasts an entire year.

The best marmalade is made with seville oranges. Seville oranges are only available during January, and usually come from Spain, hence the name. They are very bitter, so you can’t eat them as you would normal oranges. Ask your local greengrocers if they can get you some, as supermarkets tend not to stock them. My local greengrocers had a huge mound of seville oranges when I went looking for them, which I was incredibly pleased to see. I didn’t buy them all, as that would have been a bit silly and there wouldn’t have been some for anyone else.

Seville oranges are quite cheap, because the Spanish don’t use them, so ship them mainly over to the UK. Our climate is too cold for us to be able to grow them in the UK which is a shame.

Whenever I make my marmalade I always use Delia Smith’s recipe. I works perfectly every time. Your house will smell fabulous while the marmalade is bubbling away. It takes a little bit of time to make, but is absolutely worth it.

Click HERE for the recipe I use.

And as Paddington Bear says “Every home should have a marmalade day!”


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2 Responses to Delia Smith’s Seville Orange Marmalade

  1. I LOVE seasonal produce being used like this. I spend a large part of each year looking forward t the arrival of blood oranges, not for marmalade but because like so many of my favourite things (cherries, asparagus) they have such a tiny season but they’re such a treat when it’s time for them again. That said I did mean to make marmalade this year but have run out of time, one to pin to try next year!

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