The best shortbread cookies you’ll ever taste!! Honestly!!

When the weather outside is very cold, frosty, and wet, playing in the garden isn’t an option. So you can either do a massive pile of ironing (nah!), or those other boring household chores that you try and put off for as long as possible (do I have to?). Instead, you can get out your cookery books, look through the recipe books, and bake some of the most wonderful shortbread cookies ever. You can add whatever flavourings you like, just keep the basic shortbread the same.

So why not make the house smell wonderful, and once you’ve made your cookies, sit down with a couple of them and a nice cup of tea. The ironing can wait for another day…..

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4 Responses to The best shortbread cookies you’ll ever taste!! Honestly!!

  1. Reblogged this on Mark Stay Writes and commented:
    I heartily endorse this message…

  2. allotmentmum says:

    Ironing can wait for another never. (I gave up ironing when I took up gardening!) I will try these cookies though (:

  3. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, I’m not much of a baker but these sound delicious. The problem is that if I do make cookies, I just can’t eat one and before I know it I’ve really eaten too many. Yeah, I know I don’t have an ounce of restraint. Yeah, I’m with Allotmentmum, no ironing in years just gardening instead.

    Warm kitchens in the Winter with delicious smells are one of the best things about the cold Winter months. Comfort food abounds in the Winter as well as the pounds (weight not money). My Winter comfort food is soup and bread not so much cookies and sweets. If I can make it through the Christmas season without adding too much tonnage to my carriage, I’ll come out in March ready to begin the garden with a little more Spring in my step.

    Have a great shortbread cookie day in the kitchen.

    Nebraska Dave

    P.S. Wow, temperature is 50F (10C) this morning with a decline to 30F (-1C) by afternoon and gusting winds up to 50 MPH (80 KPH). What a crazy windy Fall this has been.

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