All marked out…….

I’m all marked out, it took a whole lot of planning, and a handful of weeding. I’m all marked out, it’s hard to dig you sometimes, when I’m forking and shovelling you around.

The trees are out, the fencing is up and now I can decide where everything is definitely going to go. So come and see what I have decided. There’s still a huge amount to do, but slowly but surely it’s coming together.

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1 Response to All marked out…….

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, moving right along. You have started a movement. Now Sarah the Gardener in New Zealand is sell her house and moving. She will have to start over with a new garden. Even if I did move my garden would remain the same because it’s not located on my property where I live. I chuckled at your comment about limiting your Dad to only an advisory position in helping with the green houses. I just turned 70 and don’t plan to quit what I’m doing just yet. My oldest daughter has talked to me about slowing down but then she lives 1200 miles away and doesn’t get to see how well I function. Yes, I’m slower, have less endurance, and a bit weaker but I still get the job done. Most times when I ask for help from younger people, they have a bad back, knees, shoulder, or aren’t strong enough. I have to say it’s a good thing robotics are taking over because labor is going out of style fast.

    It’s really been exciting to see all your planning come to reality. Thank You for sharing the development of your new garden.

    Nebraska Dave

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