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Live long and prosper Mrs Tiggy-winkle

While clearing the corner of the garden, I can across some holes to a possible animal hidey hole under ground. Then as I was clearing more of the debris, I came across a skeleton of a hedgehog. It had been … Continue reading

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Planting little baby JA’s and starting the mound.

Another day to play in the garden. It is hard work, honestly, but because I enjoy it, it’s rather fun. I’m very luck to be able to do this, when everyone else works so hard at school and work. But … Continue reading

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Let’s cover up the gardens nakedness….

Gardening is a bit like decorating a room. There is an awful lot of preparation to do before you can start to hang the new wall paper. You have to strip the old paper off, wash down the walls, fill … Continue reading

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The first plants are in…..

I feel that my plan is slowly coming together. I’ve done my first planting in a newly created bed. I’m so excited. Fortunately I managed to get everything done before the thunder came and the heavens opened.   If you’re … Continue reading

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A big, ballsy declaration (don’t be chicken)

Originally posted on Mark Stay Writes:
Howdy, this month’s chicken centrefold is Giz. Say hello to Giz… Visitors are always welcome to the writing room… We’ve learned quite a few things on the Bestseller Experiment podcast, but the one lesson…

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Another day, and lots more gardening….

It’s so much fun being able to get out in the garden all day. The birds are singing, the horses in the neighbouring field are neighing, a little bit of traffic goes past. The sun is shining, the breeze is … Continue reading

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Thursday 7th September 2017 – All day in the garden.

It doesn’t happen very often that I get to spend all day in the garden. Usually it’s either the morning or the afternoon. But today was a special day, and the weather was dry, so what better place to be … Continue reading

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