What a lovely clean patio!

I’ve been on my knees all afternoon. No not scrubbing the floor or grovelling, but weeding the patio. It’s been on my “To do” list for the garden for a while, but wasn’t very high on the agenda. But now I’ve got as far as I can with the garden, so the patio finally had it’s turn.IMG_4188

So there I was with my little sharp tool (you can see it in the photo above), that is able to get between the paving stones and remove the weeds. I started at one end of the patio, clearing little areas, and then sweeping and clearing the debris into my trug. The trug is now nearly full, and I’ll be putting it in my garden waste bin once it’s been emptied by the council.

Once I had cleared it all, I then sprayed with weedkiller between all the joints to make sure that I killed any roots of the weeds that are left in the ground. I took most of them out, but there are always some that won’t come out.

When I get a dry couple of days, I’ll re-point the patio so that it looks even nearer, but that’ll have to wait as it’s due to rain tomorrow. The knees of my tracksuit bottoms are damp, so I know I’ve had a productive day.


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7 Responses to What a lovely clean patio!

  1. keith says:

    We have a special tool to do this job in our house. ………………………. It’s called ME !!!

  2. mferland1 says:

    What a lot of hard work, if it were me my back would be expressing its opinions on the subject along with my knees. Time for a late season barbecue. In the top picture (with the tool) are those hanging planters (2 tone inverted cones) on the side of the house? Will you use those? In the bottom picture, are the large pieces of particle board lumber part of one of your garden sheds? Sorry for the questions, I just get fascinated picking out detail from the pictures. Have a great weekend, thanks for the update, made a nice surprise after serving Jury Duty for the last 2 days.

    • I would love to have a late season BBQ, will just have to see what the weather brings. Yes they are hanging planters. The previous owner left them. There are 3 all together. I will be putting compost in them, and planting cascading tomatoes in next year. They’re very large and lovely and sturdy. The wood is for the new shed that the chickens will be going in. But I can’t put their new shed together until the trees at the end of the garden come down. I’ll make a concrete base to attach the shed to it. I hope jury duty isn’t too gruesome. I was called up to do it in July 2016. I had 2 cases, the first lasted 5 days and was armed robbery of 8 betting shops, and the other one lasted 3 days and was drugs (possession with the intent to supply). Fascinating being on that side. I’ve had to give evidence before at a criminal damage case (local thug near where we used to live), so it was good to see both sides. The armed robbery guy went down for about 10 years, which I felt bad about as he had a young family, you have to justify it with the crime he did and the fact that there was a weapon which he used to threaten people with. The drugs man got a massive telling off by the judge right in front of us and was told he had to behave impeccably for the next 2 years. It was only a small amount of drugs, 2 class A and 1 class B.

      • mferland1 says:

        Cascading tomatoes sounds a lot like a hanging basket of upside down tomatoes, I hope I wasn’t a bad influence. Will they be a variety of cherry tomato? My jury duty wasn’t quite as long, the worst case was for domestic assault, not nice looking at the photos and reading over the EMT and emergency room reports. The other was a quick trial for reckless driving, the biggest disappointment was sitting through the trial and then being dismissed just prior to deliberations as I was the alternate juror. Glad to have had the experience though, it was certainly interesting, especially as I do not watch any of the NCIS or similar TV dramas.

  3. C9Allotment says:

    Hello Claire, how are you? Hope you are well and family and yourself are doing well. Haven’t been about for a while and have missed your videos on Youtube. Hope the new house move has been a success so far and enjoying your new start. Hopefully I can keep up to date with my blog and everyone elses. Take care

  4. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, it’s good to see some one is getting things done in the garden. I haven’t been in my garden for almost three weeks. I’m just back from helping cleanup from hurricane Harvey. Now we have Nate hitting land in our gulf not too far away from where Harvey landed. It’s been a challenging year here in the States and territories. I’ve been trying to catch up on the laundry produced during the trip and care giving things for my 90 year old mother in law. She has plenty of folks that would help her but she just likes me to do things for her. I hope to get back to gardening soon as I’m sure it’s missing me.

    Have a great day in the garden.

    • I wouldn’t know where to start when clearing up after a hurricane. The whole of Ireland are bracing themselves for Ophelia, which has been downgraded to a storm. But we’re just not used to even that. Mark has family in Ireland so I hope they all stay safe. In the SE of the UK we won’t be affected by it at all. Although saying that, it’s been very warm, and it’ll be a bit windier than normal. I hope that everyone is getting back to as close to normal as possible.

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