That’s the Tropical Bed finished.

There were a few unladylike words that escaped from my mouth as I fought to get the rest of the log roll in place with the mallet. That was until I had a light bulb moment. I didn’t film the very few expletives that I said (that’s just for me), but I did film the light bulb moment I had. The Topical Bed now looks much better and now more light can get to those smaller plants in the bottom. Now it’s just several trips to the tip to get rid of all the garden waste.

Giz, one of our chickens says “bye bye” at the end. It’s a bit quiet so make sure your volume is turned up.

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2 Responses to That’s the Tropical Bed finished.

  1. NebraskaDave says:

    Claire, yes, I’ve said a few of those expletive words that no one should hear when I cleaning up a garden bed. Gardening definitely builds character, don’t you think? I finally harvested the last five cabbages and made another gallon and a half of sauerkraut. I tasted the one that I made oh, so long ago (four weeks). I wish I had tasted it before making the current batch. It’s way too salty but very tasty. I discovered that my grandson likes cabbage just raw from the garden. He says I need to plant way more next year. It is very tasty right from the garden fresh as can be. Crisp and juicy. He ate up an entire bowl of just chopped up cabbage. He’s learning that garden grown freshly harvested tastes way better than the store bought produce. So he’s put in his order for next year. More cabbage, more sweet corn, and more strawberries. I just might get him out in the garden yet. Maybe I can get him out to plant some sweet corn next year.

    Have a great day out in the garden.

    • You can say whatever words you like. If no one hears then no one gets offended. I love sauerkraut, maybe I’ll make some next year. We love cabbage in our house, even the kids love it. I usually saute it with onions. Glad to hear your grandson is getting into gardening, maybe you’ll have a little helping hand next year. Start them young and watch them bloom.

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