Monday 31st July 2017 – A brand new garden.

Yes we’ve finally moved, and now that the house is sorted, and all but about 2 boxes of pictures have been unpacked, I can now get in the garden. We have bought a new camera and mic which are brilliant. I know you’re going to ask me which ones we’ve got, but I can’t remember so I’ll have to ask Mark. The garden is a blank canvas, which is brilliant. I have a plan in my little brain, which only I can see at the moment, and it looks lovely. I need to get out with a tape measure and then design on some squared paper what I want to create. I’m sure there’s a way of doing it on the computer, but I like the old fashioned way. I’ll keep you updated every step of the way. We are wondering what treasures and possibly strange discoveries we’ll find on the way.  When we moved into our previous house in Surrey, I found a pot of Coleman’s mustard in the long grass and an adult video (you know they type and I didn’t watch it, just incase you’re wondering) in the conifer trees!! Yes you heard me correctly, the estate agents were very amused. I will be very surprised if we discover anything quite as strange in this garden. So here it is, the first look at my new garden. Please excuse the mess we’ve only just moved in.

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6 Responses to Monday 31st July 2017 – A brand new garden.

  1. Allotmental says:

    Mustard and porn eh, not tried that yet 😁

  2. He was a weird one apparently, the guy who lived in the house in Surrey before us. All the neighbours said so. One neighbour told me once “He was cleaning his windows in the nude, and it was standing up!”

  3. Billy says:

    Cant wait go start getting your updates again and to see how the new garden takes shape!
    Good luck with it Claire

  4. How exciting for you! Hope you have nice soil – we have a lot of clay here in west kent, which bakes hard in summer if you don’t keep on your toes! Look forward to your next update 🙂

    • There are some areas of the garden that are very clayey, but then other areas that have non at all. I like a challenge and this garden is definitely keeping me on my toes. Where in west Kent are you?

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